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Gas is attractive from an environmental perspective too, as it emits between 50 and 65 per cent less CO2 in electricity production than coal. During energy production, gas emits only half of the CO2 of coal. Carbon capture and storage can reduce emissions still further. In Europe, our most important markets for gas are Germany, Austria, and France. SGTL sells liquid natural gas (LNG) transported by specialised ships to customers worldwide. The global LNG market is growing, and we are now supplying LNG cargoes to more than 6 countries.


Traditionally, most SGTL gas has been sold through long-term contracts to large EU gas companies. In the absence of a separate market price for gas, the sale price has often been indexed to the price of oil. In recent years, market liberalisation has contributed to breaking up traditional value chains in EU. The transport network has been opened up for use of equal terms for everyone. This has given up new opportunities in the market. We are now selling an increasing share of the gas through established markets for gas trading hubs as well as directly to end-users.


Through commercial negotiations with our counterparts, we have modernised most of our long-term contracts, and gradually moved away from oil indexing. The price of gas is now directly linked to the price in the market places.


With ever-changing LNG market, we are able to meet our client standards and delivery schedules on a spot and long term deliveries at the right price. For the smaller volume client, the supply is managed by compiling a few orders to accommodate supplier minimum requirements and managing to deliver at competitive prices.


We connect the supply chain in a hassle-free manner for the supplier and the client by arranging product logistics from the supplier tanks to the client locations under the required Incoterms. We take care of logistics from chartering and approving delivery ships with the new terminals and providing financial guarantees to the terminals, to arranging pipeline and/or tank truck deliveries in various quantities at different locations.


Our supply chain starts from Nigerian shores up to Scandinavian fiords, thus allowing us to meet the requirements of all types of clients. At the present moment, our transaction volume reaches 5m Mwh per year.



Refineries, processing plants and terminals transform crude oil and natural gas into everyday commodities such as petrol, diesel, heating oil and consumer-ready natural gas. A reliable value chain is essential to provide oil and gas consumers with the long-term energy security that underpins economic growth. These facilities play a key role in keeping the wheels of society turning.


Refineries, processing plants and terminals play a key role in the transport and treatment of oil and gas from around the world. Most of our products are exported to continental Europe, but we also export to Nigeria. The products are used as fuel for transport, for heating, for electricity generation and as industrial feedstock.


Flexibility in the timing and volume of crude oil shipments is particularly important when marketing crude oil beyond north-western Europe, and we achieve this through intermediate storage.


Our oil product experience started with one of our partners, who in search to resolve jet fuel supply in cost-effective manner navigated the market and initiated a satisfactory supply chain for his civil aviation company.


Now we are working in arranging diesel supply to our clients in Turkey, Poland, Nigeria and other countries. While Eurasian partners are in need of Euro 5 standard, our Nigerian counterparts are looking for Euro 4 standard to meet their shortage of diesel. We are constantly looking for suppliers who can accommodate our clientele and provide us with the required oil product at a competitive price.

Our demand stands at 500 000 tonnes per month and as per our group’s vision, we are always looking to expand.

With our long-time relationship with our partners, we are involved in the barter model of transaction, where by supplying diesel, we are able to receive crude oil. We are always looking for new partner refineries, who can expand with us in this kind of transactions.


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We are in constant search of light crude oil supply at the competitive price for our friends and clients in Greece and Italy. To accommodate this, we are working on the deal with the local crude oil producer in Nigeria to finance exploration and excavation of  a field that showed promising results in the initial findings.

By completing the deal, we could satisfy crude oil demand in the future by buying out future production capacity in the manner stated above.

One of our honorable partners has developed an oil field in the Middle East, has been successfully delivering crude oil to the market and later listed the company on London Stock Exchange. His assistance and knowledge of the market is a valuable addition to our group. SGTL is interested in acquiring future capacity or present quotas for crude oil at the right price and are ready to work out financing and other requirements to meet the demand.


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SGTL sets priority to diminish the effect of human energy demands and its uses on our Nature. Thus, we have initiated specializing in searching for solutions to clean energy production, cleaning the environment and stopping the pollution of our World. 


We provide an integrated approach to reducing clients' energy consumption, carbon footprint and increasing sustainability. We offer consultancy and contracting services to clients in a wide range of industries looking forward to reduce energy costs, carbon emissions and develop energy strategies. We deliver this through a range of technical and practical services which have proven successful and showed many great benefits.

We realize that no two sites are the same and our experienced staff will assess the best energy reduction scheme for your business and tailor a package to suit your exact needs. We can offer finance solutions for clients on energy projects and allow projects to be completed that might not otherwise be possible. 


Our in depth understanding of energy industry means that we are uniquely positioned to reduce energy consumption. We offer a range of energy services including: energy contracting, energy audits, energy rating services, renewable technology integration and carbon reduction programmes. 


We are connected to electricity nets with solar farms and able to produce and sell clean nature energy to consumers. 


Further initiative of our younger colleagues initiated, together with EU programs, the planning of battery manufacturing factory to satisfy the demand from ever more popular electric car manufacturers across EU.