General Trading






SGTL satisfies Gas, Oil, and Green energy requirements for its customers in different markets in a stress-free environment emphasizing respect for experienced professionals, supporting our young and embracing our Nature’s needs.




Together with our clients and suppliers, our vision is to establish SGTL in EU energy market by expanding by 30% each year and make strong entry into Asian market by 2022. 




Honesty: We are true to our words.

Unity: All for one and one for all. Each contribution is valued.

Devotion: We demand from ourselves 120 percent.

Responsibility: We care about our clients, corporation, colleagues and environment as of our own.

Innovation: We seek innovative and rational solutions for our clients and for the corporation.

Professionalism: We are constantly learning, improving and managing our competencies. Our end-product can be trusted.


As a show of our support to our collegues, we motivate people to go beyond their daily responsibilities and to expand into extracurricular activities.




SGTL is a part of Alfa Group companies since 2012. Company has been providing Gas, Oil, Oil Derivatives and Clean energy solutions and products to the clients around the world. We are proud in supplying competitively priced energy products in a timely and steadily manner. We have been working with partners and our clients to establish reliable communication, financial and supply channels to meet the demand for energy products.


Company has been incorporated and joined the group to meet the globalization vision of the founding shareholders of Somontaj General Trading LLC. SGTL has been tasked to enter energy markets in EU and Asia. While expanding its professional team, building experience and gaining trust, company slowly, but surely developed good relations with customers in the markets and was able to meet its shareholder goals.


We are proud to announce that starting this year, we have been intrusted by our shareholders to expand our oil and gas supply in EU market and to establish our ground hold in Asian markets. Through hard work and innovative networking techniques, we are gaining on our aim and on aim to meet the expectations.





SGTL employs individuals only of the highest professionalism, ethics, honesty and integrity. Our team consists of as many as 30 professionals who work in management, marketing, sales, logistics, financial, analysis, auditing and other very important fields of the company and industry. We boast of gender and race equality as our company naturally grew to employ people from different countries and cultures thus enabling us to understand the clients from any place of our beautiful world.


The structure of the company consists of the board that leads and rules the company towards our and our client's prosperity. Aforementioned departments are proud to execute the ideas of the board in the day to day tasks and bring the results for evaluation. We are especially satisfied with the results of our new auditing department which makes sure that we are transparent, able to meet our promises, produce the best price of our product to our clients and keep the company workings in good and honest condition.


We love to remember that together as a team we have a thousand years of experience in the industry.